Classic Watermelon (VIRGIN) Mojito Recipe


  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Lime
  • 1/2 Tablespoon Agave Nectar
  • 6 Fresh Mint Leaves
  • 1 Scoop of Watermelon Mojito Restore
  • 16 Ounces Sparkling Seltzer


Slap the 6 mint leaves in your hands to bring out the flavor and place into a 16 oz glass. Add the agave nectar. Squeeze the juice from ¼ of the orange and ¼ of the lime into the glass. Add the Watermelon Mojito Restore. Fill the rest of the glass with sparkling seltzer, leaving about 1 inch at the top. Stir all ingredients in the glass until completely combined. Top off with a little more sparkling seltzer. Garnish with an orange and lime wedge.

Or make it a cocktail by adding 1 ounce of light rum!

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